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Mattress and Bed Sizes

Mattress and Bed Sizes


Mattresses and bed frames come in many common U.S. sizes. From smallest to largest are: Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Cal King


Each bed size has its advantages and disadvantages. While most children, and young adults often sleep on a twin or twin xl size mattress, once they reach the teenage or early twenties they usually graduate to a full/double or queen size.



Twin Size Mattress |  38-inches wide by 75-inches long


The twin size mattress is great for kids beds, bunk beds, loft beds, and for maximizing the space in the room. Made for a single sleeper, the twin offers plenty of room to roll over from side to side. Although it is the same length as a full size, it measures 16-inches narrower, and won’t easily accommodate 2 sleepers. The thickness of a twin mattress may be important when putting it into a loft bed or bunk bed, as the amount of guard rail above the mattress is key for safety.



Twin XL (Extra Long) Size Mattress |  38-inches by 80-inches


The Twin Long size mattress offers 5 extra inches of length for taller sleepers. Measuring the same width as a twin, this size is common in dorm rooms and colleges where it can accommodate growing teens and young adults. This is also a common size when used as a split king, which is 2 twin long beds side by side.



Full Size Mattress |  54-inches wide by 75-inches long


The Full Size mattress is great for couples just starting out or for smaller bedrooms where space is a concern. Measuring 16-inches wider than a twin, the Full size offers enough room for couples and was the most common size bed until the 1970’s, when the queen size overtook the double as the prominent and most common bed size. Although the full size is not as common as a queen, it’s still usually easy to find bedding and linens to match.



Queen Size Mattress |  60-inches wide by 80-inches long


The Queen Size mattress is the most popular and most common size mattress on the market today. It measures 5-inches longer and 6-inches wider than a full size for more space for couples and taller sleepers. Queen mattress thickness can range from 6-inches up to 18-inches. It’s important to consider both the thickness of the queen mattress, as well as the foundation height to determine the total height of the bed.  

King Size Mattress |  76-inches wide by 80-inches long


The King Size mattress is 16-inches wider than the queen size and offers more personal sleeping space per person. You are less likely to interrupt each others’ sleep when you have more personal sleeping space. It is recommended to get the largest bed your bedroom can hold, because a bigger mattress will help you sleep more comfortably. The regular king size, often referred to as Eastern King, is almost a square, but wider than a California King.



Cal King Size Mattress |  72-inches wide by 80-inches long


The California King Size mattress is ideal for taller people and those looking for a larger bed. Measuring 12-inches wider than a queen and 4-inches longer, the Cal King size bed is great for couples and pet owners. Although more common in California, this size is considered much less common than a regular king, and sometimes bedding and linens are harder to find.


A best practice is to measure the room and determine which bed size is best for your room. Consider where in the bedroom the bed will go, and what orientation the other furniture will be laid out.  

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